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Prey Justice Complete

Prey Justice Complete

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Prey's high-end Justice complete will definitely give you justice for each buck spent! A ready to shred street machine right out of the box!

There’s attention to detail and quality in all aspects, no “freeloader/no-name” part here! Prey take pride to write in detail about all the parts it’s built of:

  • Deck: The well proven Today model in two size options; 5.5 x 21.5 and 5.9 x 22. Fully flat bottom, crook groove and replaceable deck ends.
  • Fender: Friend model (brakeless) with smooth foot-friendly curves and a sleek look.
  • Bars: Justice in two size options; 63 x 57 and 68 x 61. Made of very strong heat treated cro-mo.
  • Grips: Our new PREY grips made from super grippy rubber compound. These feel amazing and gives you the non-slipping grip you need. Endless hours of drawing, molding and testing compounds went into these to achieve our goal, to make the best grip ever, period.
  • Clamp: Justice. High model to give you that max clamping power.
  • Headset cap: Justice. Our dust cap is custom cnc made so that is flushes perfect with the diameter of the clamp and the neck, making a seamless transition. Simply beautiful.
  • Fork: Justice. Built from our well proven Vulture fork. Perfect height tolerance towards the deck. Strong 12.9 axle.
  • Wheels: Justice. 24 x 110 / 88A. High rubber, with great rebound, so you have a lot to wear down. Custom made Dodge V2 bearings with extra thick rings that can handle hard abuse. 
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