Scooterbitz was started back in 2011 in Napier to fill a gap in the market. In October 2013 Scooterbitz left the Hawkes Bay and landed in Wanganui. In February 2015 we purchased Scooterbitz and moved it to Christchurch.

Scooterbitz is passionate about the sport of freestyle scootering and we are so pleased to be a part of this growing extreme sport that has taken the world by storm.

Part of this passion is the desire to see quality scooters and scooter parts here in New Zealand, so we have teamed up with some of the best Scooter brands in the business such as Envy, Apex, Fasen, Tilt, River, Proto and more to supply the most innovative and exciting parts to the scooter community of New Zealand. All these companies design and manufacture top quality scooters and scooter parts made from only the best materials. These parts are made to go hard.

We at Scooterbitz are committed to scootering and will be actively encouraging the growth of this sport here in New Zealand.

The sport of scootering continues to grow in New Zealand and across the globe. With scootering's growing popularity is the growing range of tricks that are being landed. Along with these new tricks is an always developing range of parts. While we will not stock every brand nor every product from those brands but we will always try to have the latest styles and designs.

We will not always have the cheapest price, but we will always try to bring you the best value. We will do our best to make sure the parts you buy actually go together and if there are problems, we will put them right.

Check out our Facebook page and keep up to date on what is happening. Scootering is a growing sport and we all need to be involved to keep it growing!

Keep scootering, test your limits and go hard!!! Scoot for life!!!!