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Native Senary XL Fork SCS/HIC

Native Senary XL Fork SCS/HIC

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The Senary Fork transfers iconic features of the Versa and Flemongo into a new and upgraded 7075 Fork.

The XL version of the Senary Fork has a flusher axle designed to reduce snags in crook grinds and blunt slides.

Utilising premium 7075 aluminium and an increased fork leg thickness makes this NATIVE’s strongest fork to date.

Thanks to a multitude of adaptive spacers included with each fork the Senary XL is capable of running all of the industry standard wheels. Similar spacers come with our Ventura, Advent Refined and Cargo Decks ensuring NATIVE remains the industry leader in product compatibility.


Material: 7075-T6 Aluminium
Max wheel diameter: 125mm
Wheel widths: 24mm / 30mm
Weight: 355 grams

Comes with adaptive spacers to suit 24mm wide wheels with 8mm axle holes, 30mm wide wheels with 8mm axle holes & 30mm wide wheels with 12mm axle holes.

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