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Native Ventura Deck Black

Native Ventura Deck Black

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When creating the Ventura Deck we focused first on feel.

The increased blunt space, 84* head tube angle and broad but mellow crook groove makes getting into, and holding crooks a dream while slightly angled blunt plates reduce the possibility of snagging.

By improving the concave the Ventura Deck delivers a more responsive experience bringing riders closer to their grinds and enhancing control.

You can also approach 5.0s confidently thanks to our 7075 deck ends and new inner deck ends bringing a larger, flusher grind surface right up to your wheel.

After perfecting the feel, our attention turned to strength.

By expanding the distance between internal walls we’ve amplified the decks structural strength and ability to distribute the high impact forces associated with street riding.

This also allows for a larger down tube significantly increasing the weld surface area on the deck and head tube resulting in the strongest deck we’ve ever created.

With the feel and strength dialled in we set our focus on weight reduction.

Understanding that every gram counts, we’ve made strategic calculations throughout the creation of the Ventura. For the first time ever on a NATIVE Deck the head tube features a large front cutout and precisely aligned rear cutout while the down tube is internally and externally CNC machined creating seamless tapers that reduce excess material in every place possible.

Finally, our design process prioritised convenience.

Just like all premium NATIVE Decks the Ventura is compatible* with all industry standard wheels thanks to 3 included sets of adaptive spacers - 24mm wheels with an 8mm axle, 30mm wheels with an 8mm axle and 30mm wheels with a 12mm axle.

Our easy access brake hole cutout makes changing brakes or fenders painless. For added convenience our new self locking deck ends only require 1x 6mm allen key to operate.


Width: 6” / 6.5” / 7”
Length: 22” / 22.5” / 23” / 23.5” / 24”
Weight: 1950 grams (6.5” x 23”)
Headtube Angle: 84*

*While the Ventura Deck itself is compatible with all industry standard wheels you will have to remove the stock brake to run 125mm wheels. This is due to the low-profile extrusion. Since our founding we have prioritised compatibility and will continue to do so wherever we can, but in this particular instance we valued the feel of the extrusion and concave above the ability to run the lesser common 125mm sized wheels with a brake. Other after-market brakes and fenders can be substituted.

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