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Native Yield Bars - Oversize

Native Yield Bars - Oversize

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The Yield Bar was made with comfort and function in mind.

From the compact Y section providing more grip space for riders who prefer narrower bars to the subtle 2.5 degrees of back sweep making the transition from T Bars more approachable.

With 1 degree of upsweep the Yield Bars give riders increased leverage and control while adding to the overall comfort.

Vacuum Heat Treated 4130 Chromoly Steel ensures this bar delivers the strength and reliability NATIVE products are known for.

Width: 24"
Height: 28"  / 29.5"
Diameter: 31.8mm /  34.9mm
Material: Vacuum Heat Treated 4130 Chromoly Steel
Upsweep: 1 degree
Backsweep: 2.5 degrees

Please note: these bars will work SCS compression. If using HIC a slit will need to be cut

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